These beautiful fragranced vegetable soaps are processed entirely in an artisanal way according to the oldest manufacturing tradition. All the components are cold mixed and refined with a base of fine vegetable soap. To ensure a gentle cleansing, we use only natural ingredients without dyes and paraffin’s. Each single block of soap is cut and transformed into the finished product and then finally packaged.

A great addition to any gift or your own home bathroom.


Made in Italy


Creating natural cosmetic products, which are effective and high quality.


What thirty years ago was just a dream yet to be come true, today is instead a belief that La Dispensa follows day after day, with the same passion and tenacity of when, back in 1987,

Mr Rodolfo Punzo, founder and current director of the company, started his small retail business of herbal products: honey, sweets, teas and infusions, creams, soaps made with honey and royal jelly; products which are still found in the company catalogue, albeit with a much more minor role than before.


Florinda弗洛琳達 是義大利米蘭品牌


Classic Fruity Florinda 100g 經典果香