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To review what is available to purchase simply browse the online product catalog. When you have arrived at the item you wish to order, click on "Add To Bag" and then decide your requested quantity (maximum 9 pieces for each item). When your order contains the items quantities you wish to purchase, please login to continue the next step or register if you are the first time to make purchase online. You will then be asked to provide us with your shipping and payment (Credit Card) information. 

Once you have paid via credit card your order will be processed online immediately. Once your credit card details are verified by Global Payments, we can pack your order and deliver it to you. This transaction will appear on your bank statement as a payment to Nikaia Boutique De Style Francais (Hong Kong) LIMITED.


Our online payment system is operated by a service provider specialising in secure online payments. For further information please refer to the "payment" section of our Terms and Conditions.

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Frequently asked questions

Where is NIKAIA's products made in?

We use the ingredients are from France and Italy as everybody knows there are many international skin care brands are based in Europe. People care about their skin and life quality the best if compared to Asian. After that our founder Jenelle Khloe handcrafted those skin care goods and daily products with the ingredience alcohol free that made in Marseille and Provence,France and shipped to Asia ( Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, China and London etc. ) Some of special sesson skin care goods are made in London,UK and designed in Marseille,France and launching in Asia public.

How can I get the products?

We have more than 30 distributiors in Hong Kong that you could check it out on the CONTACT page. 1. Visit our display room located in Ulited Centre, Admiraty, Hong Kong. 2. Visit our stores and get the free sample from our specialists before purchasing products from us. 3. Visit our website and have an online shopping, 4. We regulary have mall booths or some exhibitions in Hong Kong different districts. Please notice from our website, Instagram or Facebook.

Can I have a freen consultation from NIKAIA before choosing the suitaable products?

Yes, Sure thing!

  1. Whatsapp to (852) 6598 1591
  2. Email to
  3. Meet our specialists at our main centre
  4. Have a call with our 24-7 customer service hotline (852) 6598 1591
  5. Direct to us on Facebook (Nikaia Boutique) or Instagram (nikaiaboutique)
  6. Inbox us on this website on the lower right corner.

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