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7 common problems with window ACs and tips to fix them

Gadgets Now Bureau13 Apr, 2022, 08:39AM IST

7 common problems with window ACs and tips to fix them
It’s summer time. The high day temperature this year so far has beaten many records. The rising temperatures have made ACs a must. However, it's not uncommon to face small issues with ACs. However, not all issues need a mechanic, some can be fixed following simple tips. Experts at Samsung have shared some common problems that users face in their ACs and how to sort them.


​What can we do if Air-Flow Blade is not working properly

* Please check if the Swing button in remote controller is ON/OFF. The blade should move up and down, about 43° each time when the ON button is activated.

* If there is no response from the system after the Swing button is activated, it is likely the Stepper Motor that controls the blade is faulty.


​Temperature is not cool enough

  • Check to make sure the selected temperature is set to low.
  • Check if the air filter is blocked by dirt.
  • Clean the air filter every two weeks.
  • Wait 3 minutes after you turn the AC on

​Foggy air is coming out from the AC vent

This is actually not an issue. Sometimes, when AC is running in Cool mode, there’s a possibility of foggy air coming out from the unit. This actually means that the room's humid air is cooling rapidly.


​Air conditioner is making more noise than usual

If you are hearing a sound like water flowing then this is the sound of freon flowing inside the AC unit. If the sound resembles water flowing then this is due to the dehumidifying water being processed inside the AC unit.


​Condensation leaking from the AC

Condensation is normal and it happens when the airflow from the air conditioner cools the room.


​Window AC isn’t working at all

If your Windows AC is not responding to your remote or not turning on at all, here are a few things you can do:

  • Check that the power plug is properly connected. Insert the power plug into the wall socket correctly.
  • Check if the circuit breaker is switched off.
  • Check if there is a power failure

​Error codes requiring authorized service

The error codes on your Samsung AC need to be handled by an authorized repair person:

E2, H5, E5, H4, E4, H3, L9, H5, PL, PH, HC, LP, Fo, F3, F4, F5, F0, E6, F1, F2, U7

Therefore, please contact the nearest Samsung service center.