Wed, Apr 13, 2022 | Updated 12.01PM IST
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New voice commands, app controls, and 6 other features Windows 11 users are getting

Gadgets Now Bureau10 Apr, 2022, 10:51AM IST

New voice commands, app controls, and 6 other features Windows 11 users are getting
Microsoft has good news for Windows 11 users. The company is adding a host of new security and productivity features to its latest-generation operating system. The company calls them “significant updates” to the OS. Windows 11 users, here are the key features you should try:


​‘Hacker alert’

Windows 11 gets enhanced phishing detection and protection features. Part of Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, the new feature will alert users in case they enter their Microsoft credentials into a malicious app or hacked website.


​Smart app control

Another security feature in Windows 11 adds more teeth to the Smart app control. This will use code signing alongside Microsoft’s AI model to ensure that only trusted apps run and untrusted apps get blocked by default.


​System-wide Live Caption

Windows 11 is getting a system-wide Live Caption feature. An accessibility feature, it will help users with hearing impairment and language learners to understand the spoken content.


​Dictate commands through voice access

Voice access feature in Windows 11 will allow users with limited mobility and those with repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome to control their Windows 11 devices using voice. Users can dictate commands to their PCs/laptops among other things.


​File Explorer gets Cloud ‘power’

Microsoft is updating File Explorer with cloud capabilities, allowing users to find/access data and files easily in their PC in one centralised place


​Do lot more in File explorer with Tabs

Microsoft is also introducing Tabs in File Explorer. Users will be able to pin files and create tabs in File Explorer.


​New features for video meetings

Voice clarity, Voice focus, Portrait background blur, Eye contact and Automatic framing features will be added to Windows 11 as a part of new meeting features.


​Integration between Windows 11 and Windows 365

Microsoft has confirmed to deliver new integrations between Windows 11 and the cloud-based Windows 365. The integration aims to bring seamless movement between the Cloud PC and Local PC, the ability to work offline and resync when the system is online without losing any data.